Aerial Drone Cinematography - Remote Film Specialists - CASA Approved

Flying Dragon



Flying Dragon is a world leading aerial drone cinematography and photography company. We provide the perfect combination of skills and film knowledge to all our flight operations worldwide. Our expert pilots are CASA certified and our remote camera operators are trained in cinematography.

Flying Dragon has always brought so much production value to my commercials. Aside from creating beautiful results, they are safe, professional and offer up suggestions for the challenges that you face. I always look forward to having them as part of the camera crew.

Christopher Sferrazza - Director/DP


All our aerial drones are specifically designed for image acquisition and all our team are trained in art of cinematography.

Flying Dragon flies bold new lines in aerial drone cinematography. We have introduced new techniques and technology designed to achieve the unachievable shot. We fly further, faster and closer than anyone else in this emerging field of film.

Our background first and foremost is in cinematography with an emphasis both on the aesthetics of the frames captured and of dynamic motion. This deep cinematography knowledge is complimented by state of the art expertise in remote control flight. It is this combination that allows a true artistry in producing stunning images that are exactly what film professionals are looking for.

Our aerial drones can replace the limitations of real helicopters, jibs, booms, cranes, zip lines and dollys. We have real time HD video downlink and long distance remote follow focus capabilities allowing the director, pilot and remote aerial camera operator to maneuver, frame and capture the perfect shot.

We work worldwide on series productions, television commercials, music clips, documentaries, corporate, short and feature films.

Flying Dragon is also a proud Gold sponsor of the Australia Cinematography Society.


We are dedicated to aerial cinematography and we know what it takes to capture breathtaking footage. 

Chris Lansell – Flying Dragon


The key difference with Flying Dragon is you are hiring photographic and film experts.

We specialise in all types of aerial photography including commercial, real estate, tourism, sports, fashion, wedding and agriculture. We shoot all styles including panoramic, oblique, 3D, Virtual Reality composite and landscape with only the best lens and camera combinations

Our aerial photographer has been a high-end commercial photographer for over 10 years. This is the key difference with Flying Dragon, you are hiring photographic and film experts and not some hobbyist helicopter pilot with a point and shoot camera set on auto. When it come to getting the perfect shot experience counts.

When it comes to getting the perfect shot experience counts.

Radar – Flying Dragon Pilot


Flying Dragon cinematography for all your remote cinematography needs.

Flying Dragon can go from aerial to ground filming in a matter of seconds. Allowing cinematographers access to some very interesting filming applications. Our stabilised gimbal ground systems include the Freefly Tero remote car, our 36ft crane, a 120km/h cable cam, rollerblades and Flowcine support. If is remotely controlled and stabilized, we have got your production covered with the latest equipment, experienced camera techs and the worlds best pilots and operators.

Our Remote Car modified with computer controlled acceleration is capable of speeds up to 120km/h.

Daniel De Silva - Flying Dragon Remote Vehicle Specialist


Flying Dragon aerial cinematography from its very beginning has been solely dedicated to capturing the moving image – so the equipment we fly is designed and chosen for this purpose alone.

We only fly the best cinema tools and that is why we have partnered with Freefly System as the Australian Ambassador. Freefly drones were designed solely for cinematography use and this why this is why we are able to fly with such agility even with cinema grade payloads.

We use the highest-grade cinema cameras ranging from the Arri Alexa Mini, Phantom Miro to the Red Epic/Weapon 8K Dragon. We then team these cameras with the finest cinema glass to achieve stunning image acquisition for our clients.

For our flight operation we use super high resolution gimbal systems like the Freefly Movi M15 to ensure silky smooth footage straight from the camera with no post stabilisation.

Yes we have all the latest tech tools but at Flying Dragon we know that there is an art to cinematography that requires extensive film knowledge and an innate creative eye. This is where we excel above the rest.

It’s the eye behind the camera, its not about bloody technology. It’s the people behind it.

Roger Deakins - ASC


CASA Approved

We are a fully licensed Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) approved operator, (CASA UAV Operators certificate – UOC.0188)  We have public liability insurance both National and International of up to $20,000,000AUD to protect your production.

100% Redundancy

We also offer a 100% redundancy service with our ability to provide two identical flight AND camera equipment setups. This service ensures that in the unlikely event of equipment malfunction your production always stays on track.

Travel Ready

All our UAVs are designed to pack down into custom travel flight cases enabling us to work worldwide. Once on set we can assemble and set up our drones and be filming in the air in under 20 minutes.

Earth Friendly

We are Green. We care about life on planet Earth so where possible we use renewable energy to power our flight operations.

We have been providing expert aerial filming assistance to national and international media organisations. Here is a small sample of the many satisfied clients we have worked with 


We are a boutique team of highly talented individuals devoted to the art of cinematography and pioneers of the latest drone technology.


Remote Camera Operator / Drone Pilot / Director

Christopher “Crispy” Lansell has been in the film industry for several years both directing and toying with cinema equipment. He brings intuitive creativity and big picture perspective. He has a sharp eye for detail and a knack for making the impossible shots possible.


Chief Drone Pilot / Top Gun

Sean (Radar) Kane is one of Australia’s top sponsored RC helicopter pilots. His love of RC combined with his natural creative ability and passion for Aerial Cinematography creates the perfect canvas for the gimbal operator to paint on with astonishingly skillful flight paths.

Ben Van Deventer

Drone Pilot / Engineer

Dr Ben is an Honorary Fellow at The University of Melbourne in engineering. His technical and creative skills have added greatly to the many flying techniques Flying Dragon now uses. He also pilots a drone like a Zen calligraphy master and he understand what flight paths are needed to achieve the perfect shot.


Remote Camera Operator / Photon Magician

Andy Hatton has a gorgeous visual aesthetic that has lead to his film work been showcased internationally by Apple. His personal projects are ongoing and have helped him define a style that he can apply and adapt to work with in almost any genre. He is a wizard on the gimbal, a photon magician and understands what professional clientele require.


Creative Director / Digital Artist

Jodie Heenan is a master in her field when it comes to post production and animation. From traditional advertising to interactive and emerging technologies, she has over a decade of experience working in the film & television industry.

Glenn Mason

Drone Pilot / Remote Camera Operator

Glen has been around aviation his whole life, both radio controlled and sport aviation. He has a strong understanding of aeronautical principles and respect for what it takes to operate safely in this environment without sacrificing creativity. Previous experiences afford him access to a large pool of technical resources to solve digital problems, this coupled with exemplary communication skills, ensure he is well equipped make your vision a reality.



Emma Haarburger is our head producer at Flying Dragon, she brings years of experience and industry know how to our operations. With her ninja like paperwork skills she can navigate the most challenging logistical requirements on Australian soil or international locations.


Remote Camera Operator / Post Production / Battery Tech

Josh Gay is our new addition and he is armed with a fresh set of camera and post production skills. He brings his film knowhow, problem solving and batteries to the team, making it possible for the crew to focus on the job at hand.


Marketing / Media Specialist

Forest Toime is head of marketing at Flying Dragon, she has worked extensively throughout Europe. She works with our industry partners ensuring maximum exposure of their products or services and with our clients to ensure that are up do date with the ever-changing technology in aerial drone cinematography.